• Wine history in Anatolia dates back to the Neolithic period and there are a number of Neolithic sites in Anatolia (present Turkey). According to archaeobotanists, the grape was first discovered in the region of the East Anatolia, Georgia and Armenia trio. The wild Vitis Vinifera silvestris continues to grow in these regions, where today hundreds of cultivars are grown for wine and table grapes. Based on recent archaeological and chemical evidence, a ‘wine culture’ had been established as early as 6000 BC in the upland region of the Taurus Mountains in Eastern Anatolia, the Caucasus Mountains and the northern Zagros Mountains. As legend of Noah’s Ark says; after his Ark coming to rest on Mount Ararat, Noah planted a vineyard, produced wine, and his family drank it..


  • özdemir Kaan Afacan, your guide to local wine culture has a big passion for gastronomy and wine. He worked in hospitality business and events planning for many years. He was responsible for many tasks including menu design, food and wine paring, maintaining service standards etc. He lived in San Francisco, California for 12 years where he had a chance to appreciate the culinary culture and great wine making. He organized dinner parties and guided Napa Valley wine tasting tours..


  • We have visited different regions In Anatolia and in Europe (Thrace, Capadocia, Toscana, Rioja, Douro, Rhone to name a few) to better understand local wine culture and different styles of wine making. We organize private dinners, wine tastings and winery tours with local chefs and wine makers, for small groups (from 2 up 20 people) We are curious, eager to learn and have a lot of fun..


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